Above is a picture of 804 taken after a repaint in 1994 by the remarkable Norman Pannel - See picture on left.

This was Railworld's first exhibit, an American Alco S1 Switcher, it is a diesel electric 660HP locomotive, built at Schenectady in 1949 to a late 1930's design, this represents the first generation of North American diesel electric locomotives.

It worked 150,000 hours over 35 years in Port Talbot, Wales for the British Steel Corporation who donated it to Railworld in 1985.

Sadly - We have been unable to find volunteers willing to work on 804 - or money to restore her - A decision will soon be made on the future of Alco 804, it could be used for spares to keep a fellow Alco based at Ferry Meadows on the Nene Valley Railway running. 



Weight: 202,400lbs

Tractive Effort: 50,600lbs

Engine: McIntosh & Seymour No.539 - Non Turbocharged

Cylinders: 6 No. 12 1/2 " bore x 13" stroke

RPM 740

Wheel Arrangement: Bo-Bo

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