The men behind the restoration of the Pacific locomotive. 

Joel, Phil & Lewis.  


The picture above is fellow member of the Class E Locomotive, when it was restored to running order several years ago.             

The dream of the International Railway Preservation Society, (IRPS) is to do the same with 996! She is currently being carefully restored by the International Railway Preservation Society.

This Vauclain 4 cylinder compound Pacific locomotive was built to an earlier design by Frichs. Originally this type of locomotive ran for the Swedish State Railways, then after electrification in 1937 the locomotives were sold to Danish State Railways (DSB) as a Class E. The locos were well liked and a further batch ordered in 1950, with a minor modifications. 


Weight of Locomotive: 79 tons. (empty)

Weight of Locomotive: 88.4 tons. (working order - Water/fire)

Weight of Tender: 55.2 tons.

Water Capacity of the Tender: 5500 gallons.

Coal Capacity of the Tender: 6.5 tons

Max Speed: 65 mph

Wheel Arrangement: 4-6-2

For the latest news on this restoration project have a look at the IRPS website.

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