The land on which Wildlife Haven now stands was formerly owned by the Central Electricity Generating Board and was used to store coal wagons and supply the fuel, via a complicated conveyor system to the Peterborough Power Station on the other side of the main railway station (now an ASDA Supermarket).

The site was purchased by Rev Richard Paten for Railworld in 1987, initially for the Museum of World Railways (MWR). In early 1990 work began on the construction of a steel frame for a planned archive storage building. This project was abandoned and the steel frame became the base for the Environmental Education Centre.

Since 1995 much hard work has gone into clearing and contouring the site to create the haven habitats and due to may hours of hard work and a dedicated team of volunteers the site is now home to over 200 species of flora and fauna.

This transformation has been led by Brian Pearce who took inspiration from his then employer following their creation of two wildlife havens at Peterborough Perkins Engines Company Limited. In an article published in the Perkins Echo, in 1995, Brian was quoted as saying that the task would take ‘About a year and about £2,000!’. However, much hard work and many years later, with over £350,000 raised, the project is still going strong with an enthusiastic and dedicated team of volunteers and constant plans for improvement.

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