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 Model Railway 

 Globe Hall 

Globe Hall - Education & Exhibition Centre - Features the Big Screen Cinema - With films on the Wildlife Trusts and Steam Traction on the main line around Peterborough. The centre also includes a 2.5m diameter 3D solar/wind powered rotating globe! And places for youngsters to draw their experiences. 

 Wildlife Haven

Come and explore the rich biodiversity in our 

wildlife haven. Bring a picnic and experience 

a pleasant atmosphere in the heart 

of our city. For further information click here. 

 Garden Railway

Walk round our 4 track Garden Railway - 

sit and watch the locos in action!

- Press the button and see it again!

Locomotives/Rolling Stock 

Railworld has two locomotives, steam and 

diesel-electric. Also one of the Birmingham 

Airports Maglev’s and the first train without 

wheels - the Hovertrain - RTV31. 

For further information, click here. 

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