Railworld is home to Britain's Hovertrain prototype, Research Test Vehicle 31 (RTV31). Which is clearly visible from the railway as you pass through Peterborough.  We are sorry but we have insufficient volunteers and funds to work on RTV31 - If you can help - Please contact Railworld

Railways were invented in England to move coal and goods easily, (passengers came later) running on tracks enabled a reduction in friction because there is less contact with the rail for example – Steel on Steel... You can easily push 50 tons in a train wagon!

We have always wanted to get rid of wheels – one invention was the hovercraft (Cockerell’s  - British) RTV 31 was a tracked Hovercraft - Riding the train along the track on a cushion of air created by big electric fans  – not very energy efficient – The forward motion was created by a linear motor – Motor moves along rather than goes round and round. This was RTV 31 

This incredible machine reached 107 MPH in 1973 - Before the project was scrapped!

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