Q. Are Dogs allowed?

A. If they are well behave and on a strong lead - And the owner agrees to take good care of their pet.


Q. Who owns Railworld?

A. Railworld is owned by a charitable trust (Registered Charity No. 291515), incorporated in 1985. The trust is run by volunteers with a passion, supported by the Friends of Railworld group, supported by a board of volunteer trustees.


Q. How is Railworld Structured?

A. Railworld is a self funded environmental project, we have a board of Trustees and they are responsible for keeping Railworld expanding and sustainable. They are also responsible for the running, budgeting and long term planning of the organisation. Railworld has one employed part-time staff member who is also a volunteer and has been a volunteer for 2 years. Railworld is supported by The Friends group of Volunteers. 

Q. How is Railworld funded?

A. Railworld is an independent organisation and has no direct finance from the local authority or government. Railworld’s income comes from admission tickets, room hire, land hire, football car parking and kind donations.


Q. What are Railworld’s values and attitudes?

A. Railworld’s legal objects are:

  • To advance the education of the public in all aspects of sustainable transport as part of the United Nations range of measures to combat human induced climate change
  • To advance the education of the public in all aspects of railway travel as a widely acknowledged form of sustainable transport
  • To create an eco-transport centre to be opened to the public for the aforesaid purposes.

Q. What is Railworld’s future?

A. Railworld is currently undergoing a large development, which will see a brand new purpose built exhibition centre built. The centre will be named the Transeco Centre. The exhibition centre will include Conference facility, rentable office space, exhibition space and Railworld’s own exhibition space.



Send your questions/comments to info@transecocentre.com

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